Magusto Tech+
Magusto Tech + powered by Quidgest

Much more than just the best roasted chestnuts in town!

Attending Web Summit this year? In Lisbon in early November? If so, mark your calendar for a special tech gathering! On November 15th, Quidgest invites you to experience a slice of Portuguese #tradition known as Magusto: an autumn festivity in honor of Saint Martin with roasted chestnuts andsome fantastic wine. 🌰🍷

If you’re a top expert, an investor, a startup, a student, a tech lover, a trend hunter, or a citizen of the world looking for strategic partners and new opportunities in the #future of #software and Generative AI, this is your event! Dive into transformative experiences and forge lasting connections in #Portugal. Come together! 🌍

Enjoy the perfect amount of #networking with our enthusiastic community, typical#food and #beverage, In Quidgest’s vibrant office, located in the heart of #Lisbon.

Join us to meet, greet, and eat the best roasted chestnuts in town:

πŸ“ Quidgest, Rua Viriato, 7 – Lisbon

πŸ—“οΈ November 15th

⏰ Starting at 5 pm

πŸ†“ Free entry

#quidgest #magusto #event #tech #websummit #AI #generativeAI #softwaredevelopment

Organizer: QUIDGEST

  • Date : November 15, 2023
  • Time : 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Europe/Lisbon)
  • Venue : Rua Viriato, 7, Lisboa - Lisboa